Why choose petvetsupplies?

For all of your pet's optimal health and vitality or special dietary needs, give your loved pet the gift of our complete healthcare management programs.

We also dispense Veterinary Prescription supplies directly to your door.

Total Pet and Veterinary prescribed supplies for your pet, young or old.

Pet Supplies and Accessories

For all your pet's health and vitality needs.

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Veterinary Prescription and Medical Supplies

For off-the-shelf medical supplies, we offer competitive pricing.

For Veterinarian prescribed medications at competitive pricing, we do require a copy of any 'Prescriptions' for medications you wish to purchase from us.

This is required by Law and the required Code of Practice under which we are obligated to operate.

Simply fax through / or email us any Prescriptions YOU wish to have fulfilled, and we will make contact with you directly.

Fax : 03 3810 457
Email : sales@petvetsupplies.co.nz