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COVID-19 Update Being an essential service, the webstore and associated veterinary practice is available to provide your pet's urgent necessities during the lockdown period. Keep safe all.


We LOVE companion animals, and because YOU are here, we also know that YOU love your pets too.

We work extremely hard to provide you with the very best in products for your pets health, vitality and longevity.


As a market niche, we have also added products to our storefront because you may also need good quality food supplies and professional assistance in dealing with possible eating dis-orders your pets can suffer from, where dietary advice and product recommendations can be provided as part of our services we offer.

But because we can operate our services without the additional costs of road-frontage premises we are also able to pass on our reduced cost benefits to YOU.


We believe that saving YOU some of the expenses of animal well-being, we provide YOU with the convenience of shopping on-line, with excellent quality products at the Best VALUE possible, together with additional key services in assisting YOU to effectively manage YOUR pets health. Our aim is to provide your pet's health medications affordably and promptly.

We also add value to you by offering our unique service of providing YOU a convenient and cost effective means to obtaining advise, and supply of Veterinary prescribed medications together with homeopathic, and naturopathic remedies when appropriate, all DISPENSED by our qualified Veterinary staff.  

We strive to make your shipping experience enjoyable - along with our personalised service combining the wide range of excellent quality products we provide at competitive prices.

We also add value with dispensing medical requirements, together with 
individual recommendations and advice to assist YOU in selecting the correct diet, and health maintenance products to give YOUR pet the care they deserve.

We can also source products for your convenience. For any particular needs, please ask! Consider us your one stop vet pet shop.