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Cardisure tablets 100 tablets


Cardisure tablets. Flavoured, divisible, meat- flavoured blister packed tablets for treatment of congestive heart failure in dogs. Please note you will need a veterinary script to purchase this medicine.


Better tablet divisibility.

Cardisure® tablets are deep scored making them easy to divide, enabling accurate and flexible dosing.

Better flavouring

Cardisure® tablets have a natural yeast flavouring to encourage acceptance, making administration easy, with a low risk of allergy.

Blisters for better dispensing

Cardisure® tablets come in blister packs which are quick and easy to dispense. Blisters of 10 tablets give you dispensing options without the need to count pills.

Multiple strengths

Cardisure® tablets come in multiple strengths for dogs of all shapes and sizes:


Recommended dosage based on the dog’s body weight, to be given twice daily and at least one hour before feeding.

Cardisure Dose Chart