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EasOtic 10 ml ear drops


EasOtic 10 ml. Veterinary script required.

Otitis treatment made simple using EasOtic®

One bottle provides a full treatment course for all sizes of dog, with no wastage. With just one pump in each ear, once a day for 5 days this fast acting HCA will reduce inflammation with minimal systemic absorption.

Product Features & Benefits: 

Flexible nozel - Reaches the affected area using a gentle, atraumatic nozzle

Airless bottle - Prevents retro-contamination and delivers accurate dosing at any angle, even upside down!

Easy dosing - Exact 1ml dose in 1 press, once a day for only 5 days

Potent steroid - HCA is fast acting to reduce inflammation with minimal systemic absorption. The same steroid as Cortavance!

Long acting - Gentamicin and miconazole are active in the ear for 15 days above MIC90