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Epi Otic Ear Cleaner

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Epi-Otic ear cleaner

Species : Cats, Dogs

A broad-spectrum antimicrobial skin, ear and teat cleansing emollient solution that aids in the treatment of otitis externa in dogs and cats.

  • Removes cerumen, pus and debris from the ear canal.

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity.

  • Cleanses without irritation (alcohol free formulation).

  • Drying action within the ear canal (due to the docusate sodium, which is a drying agent and the lactic acid, which absorbs moisture and normalises keratin).

  • Easy and practical to use.

An emollient solution containing the active ingredients LACTIC ACID 25 mg/ml, SALICYLIC ACID 1 mg/ml, CHLOROXYLENOL (PCMX) 1mg/mL, and PROPYLENE GLYCOL; in a sodium docusate surface active vehicle.

Available in 120 ml or 237 ml squeeze bottles.


  • Lactic acid and salicylic acid constitute an acid complex, which (in concert with propylene glycol) provides differential swelling of inert and viable tissue, and their products. These actions of the solution are keratolytic, ceruminolytic, cleansing and debriding - so as to very effectively remove scale and crust, sebum, wax, coagulated exudate, and necrotic debris.

  • Chloroxylenol has broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against commensals and common pathogens found on the skin and in the external ear canal.

  • Propylene glycol is hydrophilic and bacteriostatic.

  • Sodium docusate is a filming agent to improve spreading and aid drying. This also optimises conditions for otoscopic examination.

  • Specially formulated to cleanse without causing irritation (non-alcohol base).