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Frontline Plus Dog Small 1-10kg 3 dose pack


Frontline Plus Dog Small 1-10kg

Frontline Plus for dogs is a highly effective way to prevent your dog from being afflicted by fleas and ticks. The last thing anyone wants is their beloved dog bringing an army of fleas back into their house. Nor do they want to watch their dog have to scratch itself for hours every day, writhing in discomfort. Even worse, ticks could mean serious diseases such as Lyme, which can also affect humans. This product contains fipronil, which is a broad spectrum insecticide. When applied, the fipronil is held under your dog’s skin in its oil glands. It is then distributed continuously to the hair and skin of the dog through its hair follicles.

Frontline Plus for dogs is the number one veterinarian-recommended flea and tick protection on the market. It has been shown to kill 100% of fleas within twelve hours of application. Not only is it an acute treatment but it is also a repellant; one application will continue to kill fleas and ticks all month long. It is approved for puppies age eight weeks and older, as well as pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs. Many lesser quality flea and tick products will only last for a short period of time or be only partially effective. Frontline Plus for dogs, on the other hand, is even waterproof; it is effective even after bathing, grooming, or swimming.