• Greenies Dog Single Bone Petite

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    Greenies Dog Single Bone - Petite

    Greenies® is the teeth cleaning, plaque reducing, chewy treat that dogs go crazy for.
    Proven effective in preventing build up of Dental Tartar.

    Formulated with ingredients to diminish bacteria which can cause dog-breath.

    These also clean and strengthen gums which helps reduce preventable disease and extends good health vitality and happiness - even extending the life of your dog?


    • A Chew and a Treat
    • Highly Nutritious
    • All ingredients completely digestible
    • Cleans your dog's breath while it cleans its teeth
    • Given daily almost totally prevents dental tartar accumulation
    • Provide Nutrition (>52% Protein, <6% Fat)
    • Decrease Oral Bacteria

  • GREENIES® are the #1 vet-recommended dental chews and treats.*
  • GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Treats are the #1 vet-recommended choice for giving pills.**
  • GREENIES® Dental Chews were the first treat to receive the VETERINARY ORAL HEALTH COUNCIL Seal of Acceptance for control of plaque and tartar build-up.
  • Available in 4 sizes
    • Petite
    • Regular
    • Large
    • Jumbo