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  • H2O Cat Fountain Trouble & Trix AVAILABLE LATE JAN

    $65.00 $52.00

    Trouble & Trix H20 Cat fountain 

    Offers your cat fresh, filtered water. Moving water is naturally more appealing to cats, encouraging them to drink more. Excellent for cats with ongoing bladder problems. The fountain is designed with an easy to change two stage filter with activated carbon to remove impurities. Replacement filter pads are also available. It is recommended that the filter is changed every month to ensure fresh, healthy water is always available for your cat. 2L capacity, Multiple drinking water levels, dishwasher friendly, skimmer aerates water to ensure crystal clear water, super quiet pump system, food grade housings and BPA Free, bonus replacement filters x 2, replacement filters and pumps available. Plugs into mains power.