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Indorex Target Spray 165 ml

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Indorex Target Spray 165 ml

Aids in the control of adult fleas in carpets and furnishings.


Aids in the control of adult fleas in carpets, furnishings and pets bedding; obtaining an average 85% control for up to 1 month. For 12 months flea larvae control: inhibits flea development with efficacy of 100% for 12 months after application.


Permethrin is neurotoxic for insects.

Pyriproxyfen is a new generation juvenile hormone analogue which acts by mimicking arthropod growth hormones, thus delaying or disrupting the moult process.

Pyriproxyfen prevents incubation of the egg, the metamorphosis of larvae into pupae, and (provided exposure occurs prior to the cocoon forming) pupae into adult .

Pyriproxyfen will also render adult fleas infertile.

The best time to use Indorex is IN THE SPRING (September/October).

This will stop the first generation of fleas from reproducing and attaining large numbers at the beginning of Summer.
Repeat treatment each spring, or when signs of reinfestation appear.