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PetCalm Capsule 200mg


Pet Calm Herbal Anti-Stress 200mg Herbal Anti-Stress x 100 Capsules. 

Just like their owners, pets face stressful situations not always under their control: that loud party next door, a long trip by car or plane, all those fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day!

Silberhorn has developed a natural solution for your pets. Based on the same herbal ingredients found in Silberhorn Sleepwell capsules for pet owners, PetCalm features a range of natural non-narcotic herbs to help calm your pet. Used successfully by kennel proprietors to calm their boarders.

PetCalm has Hop, Skullcap, Valerian, St Johns Wort and Passiflora extract plus Capsicum powder as a transport herb. Try some with your pet next time they face a stressful situation or need a relaxed night's sleep!
Pet Calm Anti-Stress - 100 capsules Silberhorn -  Pet Calm is a natural blend of herbs that settles and calms pets without side effects of effecting their nature and personality.