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  • Profender Cat Large 5-8kg OUT OF STOCK


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    Profender for large cats between 5 to 8kg 

    Easy worming starts here! Profender is the world’s first spot-on intestinal wormer for cats.

    Profender combines powerful, broad-spectrum control of intestinal worms with the ease
    and convenience of spot-on treatment. No more struggling cats. And above all, no more worms.

    Worm-free cats
    Profender protects your cat from hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms in one easy treatment.

    Powerful, broad spectrum control of intestinal worms
    Profender is the world's first spot-on intestinal wormer for cats. It contains two active ingredients - emodepside and praziquantel - which are quickly absorbed through the skin to give effective control of all gastrointestinal worms.

    How does Profender work?
    Profender contains new technology specially formulated for your cat. Once applied to your cat's skin it rapidly enters the bloodstream and travels to the intestines where the two active ingredients kill worms on contact.

    Easy worming starts here
    Pre-measured tubes make application of Profender quick, simple and stress-free. Profender is applied to the skin at the back of your cat's neck. With no need for tablets, Profender will take the stress out of worming for you and your cat.

    Profender is tough on worms, but gentle on your pet.
    Profender can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age weighing more than 0.5kg and it is safe to use on pregnant and lactating queens.

    When do I use Profender?
    Profender is extremely effective at killing worms that are present in the intestine at the time of treatment. However, it does not act like a vaccine to protect against future infection. That's why regular treatment is essential to maintain your cat's health. Cats can be reinfected from the environment and contact with other pets.

    Adult cats: Treat with Profender every 3 months

    Kittens: Treat with Profender at 8, and 12 weeks of age and thereafter every 3 months.

    Pregnant cats: Treat with Profender at mating, before birth of the kittens and then every 3 months.